Pi Beta Phi
Recruitment at Alabama Alpha

Life on the Hilltop is always exciting; there’s always something to do and someone new to meet. As a freshman, I was encouraged to go through recruitment. My thoughts were, “Okay, even if this doesn’t work out, I will have met tons of new people.” And that is exactly what happened—I met girls going through exactly the same thing I was going through, like the challenge of making new friends and navigating their way through this crazy time known as the first few weeks of college. But little did I know that I’d find something beyond friends; I would find sisters. The recruitment process at BSC is really special because it truly is a values based process. At Pi Beta Phi, I have discovered what it means to truly be loved and accepted for exactly who I am. No one Pi Phi is the same, and we value each other’s unique qualities while remembering the values that tie us all together. When I walked into the house on Bid Day, I automatically felt the love from each of my new sisters, and I see this love grow every day, whether that is a huge group of Pi Phi’s going to support a fellow sister in a theatre production, attending a sister’s wedding, or simply giving a deserving sister a shout-out every week at chapter meetings.  Pi Phi has given me so many opportunities to grow as a leader, a friend, a philanthropist, and as a woman, and we hope we can show you what it means to be a Pi Beta Phi!  

Pi Phi Love and Mine,

Vice President of Membership (Lauren Craig) and Director of Recruitment (Ramsey Shane)

Register for recruitment: https://enroll.icsrecruiter.com/pan/BRSOCL#/enroll/enrollment-disclaimer

More information about Greek Life at Birmingham-Southernhttp://124387.orgsync.com/org/panhellenic/home

Recruitment FAQ's

1. If I go through recruitment do I have to join an organization?

  • Absolutely not! At Birmingham-Southern formal recruitment is a wonderful opportunity to meet peers, and form friendships. Values-based recruitment is a mutual selection process, and there is no commitment that beginning the recruitment process will require you to accept a bid from an organization.

2. Will being involved in Greek life inhibit my academics or involvement in other campus organizations?

  • Again, the answer is no. Academics are the number one priority across BSC's campus, and no organization will want grades to suffer at the hand of sorority involvement. Pi Beta Phi has academic assistance programs in place including Angel Advisors, where sisters struggling in a class can be partnered with an older sister that is skilled in the subject matter to be mentored and tutored. We put an emphasis on academics through weekly submissions of excellent grades being read to the chapter to acknowledge the great things our sisters are doing. Pi Beta Phi is also a very diverse group of women. We have sisters involved in organizations all across campus, and cherish their talents and support their performances, games, and presentations. We want you to be you, and feel supported to become the best woman you can be. 

3. What can I expect as a member of Pi Beta Phi?

  • As a sister of Pi Phi you'd find support, genuine love and friendship, encouragement in your endeavors, and guidance whenever needed. We are proud that we're all different, and no one is able to describe a "stereotypical Pi Phi" because our differences come together with the acceptance of Pi Beta Phi's core values, and a passion for impacting children's illiteracy. We are proud to have members that enjoy all different aspects of life on campus, and therefore no matter what your interests you can find a home among us. 

4. Why literacy?

  • One of our chapter's responsibilities is to educate the Birmingham-Southern community on the still real and prevalent problem of illiteracy in children. 1 in 4 American children grow up without knowing how to read, which translates to 32 million illiterate Americans. This impacts everyday lives by not being able to read a menu, road sign, or text message. We are priveleged to be able to attend such a prestigious institution as Birmingham-Southern and feel passionately it is our duty as Pi Phi's to help fight illiteracy in any way we can to make for more equal opportunities, and a better society overall. Many of our sister volunteer on their own with the