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Alabama Alpha Sisterhood Stories

"Every Pi Phi I had met, even before coming to BSC, had been so kind and genuine towards me. I knew I wanted to be one of them. Coming to college I did not know anyone, but I wanted that to change. I wanted to be a friend to so many, but I knew I had to break out of my shell first. Not to fit in or become someone I am not but to become the best me that I could be. And I have and I am still continuing this journey. That is what is so amazing about this sisterhood, you are pushed everyday to become the best you that you can be and you get to experience this journey with amazing women who strive for the same goals as yourself. You are never expected to "fit in" here because being yourself is enough. I know that I have cherished the diversity of each of my sisters because if we all loved the same things I think I would get bored. Each of my sisters have given me so many memories in just the short year I have known them and I hope each of you get the chance to make your own memories with amazing sisters, just like I have."

                                                                                                             - Aynsley Pruitt (PC '14)

"Growing up I had never imagined myself as a “sorority girl”, the stereotypes and negative connotations turned me off to the idea of going Greek until my first tour of BSC. I had a Greek tour guide, and he told me about how different the system was here, and how it wasn’t anything like what I’d grown up thinking. So, I decided to go through recruitment. I’d decided that I was looking to find an organization to call home and girls to call family while I would be so far away from my home for the next four years. I found that to the highest degree in Pi Phi. Now, a rising Senior it's crazy to think how much of a positive impact on my life these ladies have had on my life, bringing a smile to my face on bad days, and building me up with encouraging words when I had moments of doubt. During my first year at BSC I went through a period of uncertainty, and questioning what I wanted to do with my life, and through Pi Phi I found the comfort and support I needed to feel confident to pursue my passions. Pi Beta Phi is a sisterhood in so many more ways than through traditions and ceremonies, it is a group of young women who believe in these core values in their heart of hearts and look to make as great of an impact as they can through their individual journeys in life. It is a place to turn to for help with any trouble, and a source of praise for every achievement. It is unlike anything I ever imagined to find in a college organization. And I know that my years here and life after will be ultimately better because of Pi Beta Phi."

                                                                                               - Marissa Amsden (PC '15)